Date:January 18, 2018

“Der Wortschatz” (Letters) – a theatre performance by MirjamEllenbroek

We, in collaboration with Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, had organised “Der Wortschatz” (Letters) – a theatre performance for children 6+ by Mirjam Ellenbroek during the International Puppet Festival 2018 from January 18-21, 2018 at the Rafi Peer Cultural Centre, Lahore.

„Der Wortschatz (Letters)“ is a performance for children from the age of six, with a double mask and letters made of sponge material. The story is about a king and his daughter who try to communicate through letters& words, but fail.

As some parts of the play are German and some translated directly to English,the subject of language and misunderstandings gain another level.

Theatre artist MirjamEllenbroek, who was born in Switzerland, studied and lived in Germany for eight years. Currently she is located in Grenoble (France)

You can see some of the Letters and a tiny moment of the performance: click here